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Abdominal Sacral Massage training - what's it good for?

As loads of you know, I love to learn. I love doing courses, reading about new treatments and ideas, buying book after book on subjects which I’m passionate about. Last week I attended a course for a new add on modality - Abdominal Sacral massage. It’s taken me a few days to process the information I was given, so I thought I’d share a few things with you all.

This style of massage has been adapted from the Mayan Abdominal Massage technique, which holds great interest for me. It has amazing benefits for both the digestive and reproductive systems, and energetically it helps to release emotions which we hold in our gut. After swapping treatments each day with the other students, I did feel a bit beaten around, and my guts felt very tender. Having said that, there’s definitely a huge benefit to having this treatment.

So, what did I learn?

Brilliant techniques for digestive disturbances like constipation and IBS, it’s amazing how much fecal matter can get trapped in the colon for such a long time. Colonic irrigation can help, but it can only clear a fraction of what's in there, this massage can clear so much more.

I also learned about the ileocecal valve and its function, what happens when it’s in disfunction, how to locate it and how to massage it.

I learned the term ‘womb cuddle’ - how gorgeous is that? I learned to palpate the womb, I found out what fibroids feel like, and that I have some endometriosis that I didn't even realise (answers a lot of questions!)

I discovered how intrinsically linked digestion and reproduction are, and how important efficient elimination is to having a healthy reproductive system, and also which sanitary items are best for healthy periods.

Another thing, which I already knew (and shouldnt come as a surprise to those who know me) was how much I enjoy talking about poo, wee, digestion, sex and periods! We need to release shame and embarrassment surrounding these entirely natural functions and talk more about them!

And so there we are, a few thoughts about my new modality. If you’re interested in chatting about it, have any questions, or would like to book a treatment, please drop me a line.

Be well,


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26 sep. 2022

And I can confirm I have not had a single period pain since I started being treated by Louise. Result?

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